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Save time

Presentation-ready maps, reports and dashboards for any area at a click of a button

Single source of truth

Thousands of neighbourhood-level indicators, regularly updated without any input required from you


Easy and intuitive to use so that everybody can find out what is happening in their local areas

Support partnership working

Create your own public site to further widen access to data

Public Health intelligence

Wider determinants data in one place

Save time sourcing, cleaning and processing the wider determinants data you need for service planning and delivery. Local Insight brings together thousands of neighbourhood-level indicators in one place.

Integrate your own locally held data

Quickly and easily upload your own data into Local Insight for a more comprehensive understanding of your local context.

Define your bespoke geographies

Health geographies and neighbourhood areas are always changing. Local Insight makes it simple to find the data on the areas you care about.

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Community engagement

Stay informed with up-to-date data

Local Insight covers a range of themes including vulnerable groups, health, population, education, crime, community and the environment.

Build areas exactly as you understand them

Groups working in highly localised areas can easily draw boundaries on a map to generate specific data.

Support voluntary sector to make evidence-informed decisions

Local Insight provides the data needed by voluntary and community sector groups, to back up the in-depth local knowledge they have about their areas.

Data support

Local Insight is built by researchers. Our team knows and understands the data available inside out – and are there to help you.

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Centralised data and research

Data you can trust, all in one place

All data in Local Insight is managed and maintained by us, so you can be sure that you and your teams always use the most current information available.

Presentation ready reports for any area

Save time by responding to data requests with Local Insight’s presentation ready reports.

Unlimited users

Encourage a culture of self-service and evidence-informed decision making.

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Case studies

How West Sussex County Council used Local Insight reports function to plan surge testing

West Sussex County Council, in collaboration with NHS partners and District Council…