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Local Insight is a user-friendly platform that brings together small-area data, helping you to make informed decisions for the benefit of your community.


Define the areas you care about, no matter the shape and size. With Local Insight, you can carry out bespoke analysis for any area type.


Be confident you’re using consistent and up-to-date data with more than 1500 indicators matched to the areas you care about.


Map, compare and report on your local communities with ease using Local Insight’s wide range of visualisations.


Build a culture of evidence-informed decision-making by sharing data and reports with your teams and local partners.

Why choose Local Insight?

Comprehensive data

Local Insight brings together and aggregates data from multiple sources to give a holistic view of how your communities are faring.

Regular updates

You can be confident you and your team are using the latest available data.


You don't need to be a data expert to get value from Local Insight. Our easy to use and intuitive platform makes data exploration enjoyable and effortless.

Fully customisable

Tailor outputs to your needs and easily share with your stakeholders.

Personalised support

Our team is here to support you every step of the way, from onboarding to data interpretation and analysis.


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Data resources

The data you need: Living environments

This selection of indicators looks at some of the small-area data available…

Data resources

The data you need: Financial hardship

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