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Be confident that you are using the most up-to-date data

Local Insight saves you time by bringing together small-area place based data in one place. Say goodbye to constant wrangling of data publisher websites and say hello to an enjoyable and effortless data exploration experience.

Data coverage

If an indicator tells you something about a place – it is probably in Local Insight. We hold data on a number of themes including; vulnerable groups, population, health, crime, housing, access and transport, education, communities and the environment.

Data sources

We regularly collect data from more than 60 reputable data sources including Department for Work and Pensions, Office for National Statistics, Police UK, Land Registry and Hospital Episode Statistics. We use our expertise and networks to identify new sources of data, so this list is always growing.

Geographic scope

Local Insight has a focus on neighbourhood level data, with the majority of the data available below local authority level. We collect and include data with national coverage across England, Wales and Scotland.

Trend data

Local Insight is powered by data that we have been collecting for 20 years, enabling you to see how key indicators have changed over time through interactive reports.


Data FAQs

Local Insight holds more than 1500 small area indicators.

Around 95% of the indicators in Local Insight are available below Local Authority level. The majority of these are published at Lower Super Output Area (LSOA) level.

Within Local Insight you can create any neighbourhood you are interested in and will aggregate all the data to that custom area.

You can also view indicators at Ward level on the Maps. 

OCSI manage and maintain all of the data within the system, with updates at least once per month. For high profile releases, we aim to get data within the system within a couple of working days.

Yes – you can include your own data within Local Insight through the Upload your Data or Services functionality.

If there is a nationally available dataset that you think would be useful to include as a standard indicator, please let us know through

Yes, you can export data in a number of ways in Local Insight via the Maps, Reports and Dashboard.


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