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Generate insight about your neighbourhoods

Local Insight makes it easy to find the data you need for the areas you care about. Define your areas exactly as you understand them and Local Insight will do the rest with instant data aggregation.

Area types

Create any area type that would be useful to you for analysis. For example, local authorities, wards, parliamentary constituencies, localities, parishes or funding areas.

Flexible creation methods

Create your neighbourhoods in a way that makes sense to you, through a variety of methods including selecting from predefined areas, drawing on a map, uploading postcodes or importing a GeoJSON file.

Use time and time again

You only need to set up your areas once, all data for your areas will auto-update whenever we add new or updated data.


Areas FAQs

We use sophisticated apportioning techniques to match the data in Local Insight to your custom areas. You can book a demo to find out more details.

There are a number of ways to create wards in Local Insight. The easiest way to do this is through selecting from a pre-defined list of areas.

Yes, that is not a problem at all. All creation methods (apart from drawing on a map) allow you to create areas that are comprised of areas that are not geographically next to each other.

You can also view multiple custom areas simultaneously on the Maps.

Yes – you can edit the area definitions and names after you have created your custom areas.


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