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Training and Support


This document outlines the training and support policy for Local Insight provided by OCSI.  Our commitment is to provide users with personalised and regular support to ensure maximum value from our subscription services


1.1 Organisation Training Sessions:

  • Subscribing organisation’s are entitled to a full training session covering all aspects of using Local Insight. This usually lasts around 2 hours.
  • Training is run remotely, using Zoom or Teams. 
  • Organisations can request additional training sessions throughout their subscription, but these may be subject to additional costs.

1.2 Training Materials:

  • Comprehensive training materials, including step-by-step guidance, video tutorials, and FAQs, will be provided to all users.
  • Training materials are available to subscribed users through the Help Centre.
  • These materials will be regularly updated to reflect any changes or improvements to the software.

1.3 Webinar programme:

  • We provide a free webinar programme, available for all users to attend. These provide refresher training as well as a more in-depth look at new functionality or data.
  • Webinars are held every month.

1.4 Further resources

  • In addition to training materials, we provide further resources to help all users get the most out of their subscription. 
  • Our blog will be regularly updated with announcements on new functionality and data, as well as tips and tricks for using Local Insight and case studies.
  • We will send a monthly newsletter containing information on the latest data updates and other Local Insight news. 

Technical Support

2.1 Technical Support Channels:

  • Users can access technical support through email at or by phone on 01273 810270.

2.2 Support Hours:

  • Standard support hours are between 09:00- 17:00 Monday – Friday
  • OCSI has an office closure period over Christmas, during which time only urgent requests will be responded to. 

2.3 Response Time:

  • Our goal is to respond to support requests within one working day.
  • Emails and calls received out of office hours will be responded to on the next business working day

2.4 Issue Resolution:

  • Urgent support queries that relate to service availability and prevent client organisations from accessing Local Insight will be prioritised and escalated immediately. Where possible, systems will be restarted and/or issues addressed within one business day.
  • Non urgent support queries will be logged in the OCSI ticketing system and scheduled for resolution.
  • Non urgent queries that can be dealt with by the Support Team (for example, where users need help with specific functionality or a workaround exists) will typically be resolved within two business days. 
  • Non urgent queries that require technical development input will be prioritised and scheduled alongside the product development roadmap.

Software Updates and Maintenance

3.1 Regular Updates:

  • Local Insight is continually developing and new or enhanced features are likely to be added during user subscription periods. These are usually provided at no additional charge as part of a subscription.
  • We reserve the right to charge for major additions to functionality where these significantly extend the service beyond the original service specification. There is no obligation to purchase this additional charge functionality and choosing not to pay will not affect use of existing features in the service.
  • Bug fixes will be released regularly.
  • The data in Local Insight is regularly updated, with updates at least monthly. 

3.2 Maintenance

  • We aim to carry out any maintenance that restricts access to the service outside of business hours.
  • In cases where we need to carry out maintenance during business hours, we will notify users 2 days in advance, wherever possible. 

3.3 User Feedback:

  • We welcome all feedback on user’s experience with Local Insight. Users can send feedback via email to 
  • Feedback will be considered for future updates and improvements as part of the product roadmap.
  • We run user groups every 18 months, which provide an opportunity to meet other users, share best practice and feed into the future development of the product.

Policy Review

  • This training and support policy will be reviewed annually to ensure its effectiveness and relevance.